CAD Institute
223 Jodhpur Garde, Kolkata - 700045
033-40604055. 9831705611

3D MAX : Duration 40 Hrs, Fees : Rs.10000/-
3D MAX Course + Vray: Duration : 60 Hrs. , Fees : Rs.16000/-

Creation of model-1
Display in 3-D Studio Max, Toolbars, Menu Bar, Standard Primitives
Introduction of AutoCAD shapes, Modify-Extrude, Bevel, Edit-Move, Rotate, Align, Mirror

Creation of model-2
Compound objects-Boolean operations, Lathe, Pivot point, Edit-Clone,

Modify-Bend, Taper, Twist, Tools-Array, Spacing tools, Group & Ungroup, Editing of “Editable Splines”

Properties of Materials, Material Editor, Creation and application of standard materials
Maps and their uses in materials

Properties of Maps used in materials, UVW map, Modification of maps

Lights in max
Properties of Lights, Types of Standard Lights, Shade, Shadow and other effects of Lights

Camera & Rendering
Camera position and lenses, Environmental map, Rendering and saving of images

Assignment B- Making of materials and application to model

Recapitulation- Model, Material, Light, Camera, Rendering

Max Materials & Camera-Advanced Application
Blend & Composite materials, Opacity Map, Depth of Field, Motion Blur

Max Lighting-Advanced Application
Shadow parameters of Light
Atmospheric effects of light
Photometric Lights



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