ETABS Training

Duration : 5 Classes of 4 hrs. Only in Sunday. Fees : Rs. 8000/-

ETABS is a special purpose program for the analysis and design of buildings. Ceanet offer the following one day “hands on” training course in the use of ETABS. This training will cover the following topics:

• Introduction to the use of ETABS graphical interface 
• Basic modelling skills including element types, meshing, material properties.
• Analysis of buildings for dead, live, wind and earthquake analysis, including the response spectra analysis
• Use of P-Delta effect
• Modelling of floors, ramps and parking structures including SAFE
• Construction sequence loading
• Use of Similar stories and Master floors
• Design of concrete and steel frames, composite and shear wall design with openings
• Creating complex concrete sections using graphical custom section design.
• Raft foundations.
• 3D nonlinear pushover analysis.

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