Process Piping Design & Engineering Prt ASME B 31.3
This is a comprehensive program designed to present all major topics relative to the process Piping Drafting Detailed Engineering / Layout Engineering of piping Systems, Mechanical  Design Hydrolic Design, Construction of piping systems and Stress Analysis of process Piping System. This course is basically for apprising the design of Plant Engineering involving Piping of Refineries/Petrochemical/Chemical projects.

This course high lights -

a) Emphasis on Fundamentals.
b) Course coverage basic Level to Advanced level.
c) High level exposure to industrial project design and engineering environment.
d) Well researched and comprehensive study material.
e) Interacting with  faculty having rich experience in reputed engineering organisations.
f) Practice problems using  engineering software  
g) Personal Interview guidance and counseling session.

Course Structure

  • Piping System Detail Engineering / Plant & Piping Layout Engineering / Piping Daftingl
    1. Piping Funamental
    2. ASME Codes and Standards
    3. Pipe Fittings
    4. Flangs
    5. Valves
    6. Special Elements
    7. Mechanical / Process Equipment
    8. Flow Diagram
    9. Piping Diagram
    10. Piping Specification
    11. Piping Isometrics
    12. Piping Spools
    13. Piping Supports
  • Piping Pipeline System Design
  1. Pressure Design of Prosses Piping system / Pipeline / Building Service Piping.
  2. Hydrolic Design of Liquid Piping System & Pipelings
  • Pipe Stress Analysis
  1. Introduction
  2. Pipe Span Calculation
  3. Expansion Loops and Expansion Joints
  4. Layout for Weight, Thjermal, & Wind Loads
  5. Sustained Loads
  6. Flexibility Analysis use Code Equations
  7. Occational Loads
  8. Software Analysis


Duration : 150 Hours, Course Fees:Rs.40,000/-

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Email: contact@cadinstitute.in



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